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Why and how do we write business formal reports?

Formal reports are intended to provide essential information for the internal people in the organization, and external readers to evaluate as well as solve business problems. The purpose of this website is to mainly help business students or any other members of a business corporation to ensure the quality and accuracy of their formal report. For the users’ convenience, the website is divided into five sections.

Section A covers the different kinds of formal reports which are mainly separated into two categories: informational reports and analytical reports.

Section B
states the various steps that precede the writing of the report from the identification of the limitations to the recommendations.

Section C
explains the different types of audiences that will be reading the report and gives guidelines about the writing style.

Section D
explains the formats used to present a formal report. There are three major formats: printed forms, digital and manuscript format.

Section E
mentions eleven components of formal reports, and explains the right way to organize your information page by page.

Browsing through these various sections, the user will comprehend the essential tools in writing business formal reports.

For an overview on business report writing, access the following Wikipedia page: